Hey kids,
here I am, hoping you’re all okay. Haven’t been here since December and - yep - that’s a shitload of time. There’s one little thing I wanted to tell you and no, it’s not that I’ve gained some weight and self-confidence (huh?). I’ve also recovered and it’s a big yay.

The aforementioned thing is love. What I’ve learned in these 7 months is that love starts within you. Wow, what a cliche (and some people still deserve to have their heads ripped off). All I’m trying to say is once you get to understand and appreciate yourself, things are never the same. I’ve read some good books, I’ve listened to some good music, I’ve been searching for any type of inspiration and at some point I realized that I love the place I belong to. I love my hometown and the people surrounding me. If you suffer from being a loner but you have at least your loving mom, you’re not a loner, you’re a fucking asshole. There’s always a reason to live. If you feel like you’re giving up, make it through for the people you love. And then you’ll be cool. I swear somebody loves you in response.

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I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore.
― Kurt Vonnegut (via vehxt)

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puppies are touchable happiness 

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Being the reason for a scar on someone’s body hurts, actually. Not as much as cutting itself, but still, kids, your sufferings harm those around you as well

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